Stick War Legacy MOD Apk 2023.5.227 (VIP Unlocked)

Stick War Legacy is a challenging game where you have to team up to crush your enemies and crush their territories. The game is loved across the globe because of its smooth gameplay and addictive nature. You will enjoy it if you have a strategic skill set as you will have to manage small army units during intense fights.

The heroes in Stick War Legacy mod apk VIP have different abilities, all you have to do is control their release moment to make them lethal against ruthless enemies. Moreover, the game contains diverse features like building units, training heroes, mining gold and learning to fight with spears and swords.

You will need to perform different upgrades to unlock features but I have its mod VIP hack for you to enjoy this action game with your tactical abilities. You can download Stick War Legacy mod APK with unlimited money, gold and upgrade points by clicking the mod vip link below.

App Info

NameStick WAR Legacy MOD Apk
Developer NameMax Games Studios
Mod FeaturesVIP Unlocked
Updated2 Hours Ago
Size150.09 MB

Stick War Legacy is about a world named Inamorta, where different empires compete with each other for glory. You will be the leader and must stop others from pushing out your empire from Inamorta. You need to raise and army and defend your kingdom. When you are well settled you can attack other empires so that your empire may prosper when you defeat them and get loot.


You will be facing enemy troops continuously so you must act faster to eliminate them before they attack you. You need to make strong strategies to overcome enemies. If you have strong defenses then you will have an edge over your opponents. Only a slight mistake will cause you to lose the game.

Weekly Missions

The game mode allows players to get new levels with extra features each Friday. They will have to complete them for extra rewards. You will find it more interesting as it will be more challenging.

Full Control on Each Stickman

Another excellent feature of this game is that it provides you the ability to control each of your stickmen. You will be able to manage their attacks and defenses with so many weapons they are carrying. It would be best if you used each stickman according to their specialties as participants have spears, swords, mages, archers and giants to fight on the battlefield.

Mod Features

Stick War: Legacy was first released almost 14 years ago. It didn’t have many features but now the developers have done an amazing job to make it one of the most played action games ever. The latest version contains the following features which are different from previous versions.

  • Six bonus campaign levels are added along with rewards.
  • More deadly weapons can assist in surviving difficult challenges.
  • Stars can unlock chests to get free items.
  • Now players can choose a difficulty level according to their skills from easy to hard.
  • Each character has different skins now. Leaf skins help them move quickly while ice skins slow the speed of enemies by freezing them. Moreover, lava skins can burn your enemy by reflecting their damage. So many other skins are also introduced.
  • For testing skills and strategies a tournament mode has been added.
  • An achievement system is introduced.
  • Realistic blood effects and animations have been added.
  • Eighteen new spells are introduced.

Why download Stick War Legacy mod VIP Hugo Gaming?

Want to challenge your arcade abilities at Stick War Legacy? Here are some of the advantages of Stick War Legacy mod menu APK with epic mods huge update.

  • Mod APK contains a maximum level of everything so that you can maximize levels.
  • Unlimited upgrade points have been added to make your troops stronger than ever.
  • With unlimited gold and gems, you can enhance the ability of your troops.
  • VIP skins are added so you may customize your army looks.
  • Understanding that ads might be irritating for you while playing this game no ads feature is also added.
  • This VIP hack requires no further roots or cracks, it’s a full version. Enjoy!

What is Stick War Legacy Mod VIP Animugen 2048?

This specific term refers to a famous YouTube channel, Animugen Gaming, with currently 714K subscribers that regularly upload videos related to Stick War Legacy mod VIP. If you are willing to learn how to play this game, I will highly recommend you to follow this channel.

How to download and install?

  • Click on the download button and mod apk will start downloading.
  • Make sure that you have enabled “Unknown Sources” option from settings in your mobile device before installing mod apk.
  • Click on the downloaded file and complete the game installation.
  • Now open the game and enjoy playing it.

Final Recommendations

With unlimited resources, the latest mod APK version of Stick War Legacy will be a treat to play for you as you will never run out of gems and gold. My recommendations are that you will never regret playing this game with smooth gameplay and wonderful graphics. Please let me know in the comment section how you found this game after playing. I would love to get in touch with you all.


Is Stick War: Legacy free?

Yes, it’s free but you will need to make in-app purchases.

Who is the leader of order in Stick War: Legacy?

King Zarek

What is the most powerful unit in Stick War legacy?

Boss Giant

What is the maximum level in gems of war?



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