Is Dorus Mall VIP Real Or Fake?

Dorus Mall is an online earning app and website, claiming users can make money through various tasks. There are significant concerns about its legitimacy that make this app fake. The official website has a very low trust score and the potential presence of scams or fake products.

Dorus Mall VIP Login/ Registration

Dorus Mall’s login process is simple. You need to click on the login button. Put login credentials that are username and password. After that click on the login button. If you don’t already have an account, you must click on the register button to create a new account through a Gmail account or mobile number. You will receive a confirmation and once you verify it you will be allowed to access further actions.

Dorus Mall Game Download

You can visit reliable sources for downloading Dorus Mall Game. These platforms offer the APK file for Dorus Mall, ensuring a safe and secure download experience. Alternatively, you can explore the official Google Play Store for Android devices to find and download the Dorus Mall game application.

How to Play Dorus Mall?

Playing Dorus Mall involves participating in color prediction games, where users attempt to predict the outcome of color sequences.

  1. Registration: First you’ll need to register yourself on website or app.
  2. Account Setup: Set up your account details and payment information.
  3. Find Game Options: Scroll through the available color prediction games and choose one to play.
  4. Predict Colors: Place your predictions on the color sequence you believe will appear next.
  5. Watch Results: Wait for the game results to see if your predictions match the actual outcome.
  6. Earn Rewards: If your predictions are correct, you may earn rewards that you can redeem within the platform.

Dorus Mall Colour Prediction

Dorus Mall involves a color prediction game where participants predict the outcome of color sequences. Users place their predictions on the color they believe will appear next in the sequence. The platform provides rewards for accurate predictions, which users can then redeem within the platform.

Dorus Mall Hack & Trick

Dorus Mall hacks and tricks are often shared through online platforms. Users claim to provide strategies to enhance success in the color prediction game. You can master Dorus Mall game by playing daily and learning patterns and sequences.

Dorus Mall Owner

Dorus Mall is an online platform that claims users can earn money through mobile applications. It involves completing investment tasks for commissions. The owner details of this game are not publicly available.

Dorus Mall Withdrawal Time

Dorus Mall withdrawal times can vary, and it is recommended to withdraw cash once every few days or after earning a certain amount to save on withdrawal fees. Users have reported issues with withdrawal delays, with some experiencing problems for up to 21 days.

Dorus Mall Withdrawal Problem

Users have reported experiencing withdrawal problems with Dorus Mall, as indicated by various online complaints. Users mention difficulties in withdrawing money, with delays and unsuccessful withdrawal attempts.

Dorus Mall Customer Care Number

There is no specific information regarding a customer care number for Dorus Mall. Users facing issues or seeking assistance with Dorus Mall are recommended to explore alternative means of contacting the platform’s support, such as through their official website, email support, or any communication channels provided within the app.

Dorus Mall Recommendation Code

To get the Dorus Mall Recommendation Code, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Sign Up: Create an account on Dorus Mall by downloading the app from the official website or app store.

Login: After signing up, log in to your Dorus Mall account.

Explore Referral Section: Look for the referral or recommendation section within the app. This is where you’ll find your unique Recommendation Code.

Share Code: Share your Recommendation Code with friends and invite them to join Dorus Mall using your code.

Earn Rewards: As your friends sign up using your code and participate in activities on Dorus Mall, you’ll earn rewards or benefits as per the referral program.

Dorus Mall Whatsapp Group Link

You can join Dorus Mall Whatsapp Group by clicking here; Dorus Mall Whatsapp Group


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